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We list all types of training and educational courseware for self directed study, distance study, short courses, skills training, group study, online study, seminars, workshops etc. Some of the more popular topics in the directory include but are not limited to:

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A Practical Introduction to Project Management

A Secretary's Guide to Preparing Powerful Presentations with MS PowerPoint

Academic Skills Development for Teachers in Practice


Accounting Principles for Bankers

Accident/Incident Investigation



Advanced Collections Skills & Receivables Management

Advanced Counselling

Advertise Management

Advertising & Marketing Management

African Languages

African Politics


Agriculture Leadership

Agriculture Management

Agriculture Science

Air Quality Management

Airframe Structures


Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving and Creativity

Analytical Thinking, Tools & Techniques


Animal Health

Animal Tracks & Signs

Applied Project Management


Assertiveness & Confidence at Work

Assertiveness Skills


Assessor Skills

Assessor Training in Health

Asset & Maintenance Management

Asset Management



Aviation Management

Aviation Medicine


Bank Credit Management

Bank Credit Principles

Bank Deposits

Bank Financial Management

Banking Financial Services

Banking Law

Banking Regulatory Advice

Banking Services

Basic Business Statistics & Calculations

Basic Counselling

Basic Fire Fighting

Basic Life Support

Basic Trauma Counselling

Basics of Computer

Biblical Studies Diploma


Body Guarding


Bookkeeping - ICB



Building Construction

Building up the Local Church

Built Environment

Burnout Counsellors

Burnout in the Ministry

Bushveld Geology

Business & Systems Analysis

Business Administration

Business Administration & Management

Business Administration (Accounting)

Business Administration (Advertising Management)

Business Administration (Agriculture)

Business Administration (Communication)

Business Administration (Economics)

Business Administration (Farming)

Business Administration (Finance)

Business Administration (Health)

Business Administration (Hospitality)

Business Administration (Human Resources)

Business Administration (Law)

Business Administration (Marketing & PR)

Business Administration (Marketing)

Business Administration (Practical Law & Finance)

Business Administration (Project Management)

Business Administration (Public Relations)

Business Administration (Public Sector)

Business Administration (Purchasing)

Business Administration (Safety & Security)

Business Administration (Sales & Purchasing)

Business Administration (Sales)

Business Administration (Security)

Business Administration (Travel & Tourism)

Business Adminstration (Labour Relations)

Business Adminstration (Safety)

Business Adminstration (Sales & Marketing)

Business Communication

Business Consulting

Business Executive Skills

Business Focused Project Management

Business Growth

Business Law & Accounting Control

Business Law for Managers

Business Leadership

Business Literacy

Business Management

Business Negotiations Skills for Office Professionals, Secretaries & PA’s

Business Practice

Business Process Management

Business Writing for Office Professionals

Business Writing for Secretaries and PA's

Business Writing Skills


Call Centre Staff Skills

Cardio-Thoracic Nursing

Career Guidance Practioner

Catering Management

Certified Business Professional (CBP - Executive Level)

Certified Business Professional (CBP - Master Executive Level)

Certified Business Professional (CBP)

Cheese Ripening

Chemical Engineering

Child Day Care & Educare

Child Justice

Child Law

Child Psychiatry Workshop

Child Psychology

Christian Counselling Certificate

Christian Life Certificate

Christian Worship Studies Certificate

Civil Engineering

Classroom Management

Clerical Administration

Coach Learners


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Colour Therapy

Commercial Law

Communicating with Power & Professionalism


Communication Pathology & Audiology

Communication Skills

Communication Skills for Professionals in Business

Community Capacity Building

Community Ministry

Competition Law

Competitive Intelligence

Compiling, Issuing & Evaluating Tenders

Complete A-Z Guide to Developing & Delivering Powerful Presentations

Complete Guide to Meetings & Minute Taking

Complexity in a Knowledge-based Organisation

Comprehensive HIV & AIDS Care, Management & Treatment

Computer & Information Security

Computer & Information Systems Concepts

Computer Engineering

Computer Graphic Design

Computer Literacy

Computer Programming

Computer Security

Computer Studies

Computer Technician

Computer Training

Computerized Bookkeeping

Condition Based Maintenance

Conflict Handling

Conflict Management

Congregational Ministry

Constructal Theory

Construction Contract Management

Construction Plumbing

Construction Supervision

Consumer Credit for Collectors

Consumer Credit for Credit Managers

Consumer Credit for Legal Clerks

Consumer Credit for Supervisors

Consumer Science

Contract Management

Cooking & Catering

Cooking & Nutrition

Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership & Management Skills

Corporate Finance

Corporate Forensic Investigator

Corporate Governance & Risk Management

Corporate Governance & Strategic Direction

Corporate Image & Etiquette

Corporate Law

Corporate Management

Corporate Venturing

Cost & Management Accounting

Counselling & Communication

Counselling Children & Adolescents

Counselling Process

Counselling Theory


CPR for Family & Friends

Creative Studies

Creative Writing

Creativity, Lateral Thinking & Leadership

Credit Management

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

Criminal Justice

Criminal Law

Crisis Debriefing

Critical Care Nursing

Crystal Healing

Cultural Diversity Management in the Workplace

Cultural Intelligence & Global Leadership

Customer Care & Call Centre

Customer Service

Customer Service Excellence

Customs & Excise Tariff Administration

Customs & Excise Tariff Policy

Customer Based Telephone Debt Collection Techniques


Dairy Science

Dealing with Difficult People

Dealing with Problem Behaviour of Children

Debriefing, Burnout & Compassion

Debt Collection - The Legal Aspects

Debt Litigation

Defusing & Debriefing

Dental Practice Assistant



Design and Development Outcomes-based Assessment

Design of Integrated Assessment for Learning Programmes

Design Workshops

Developing Contextual Ministries in Communities

Developing Emotionally Intelligent Management & Leadership Strategies

Developing Managerial Excellence

Developing Powerful Presentations Using MS PowerPoint

Developing Safe Work Procedure

Developing Urban Ministries

Diabetes Risk Management

Diabetic Foot Care

Digital Media Production

Digital Photography

District Health Systems

Diversity Management

Diversity Training

Divorce & Family  Mediation

Doing Research for Urban Ministry


Dream Therapy

Drug & Alcohol Counselling

Dynamic Telephone Techniques



Early Childhood Development

Easy Script

Eating Disorders


Econometric Analysis of Co integration

Econometric Analysis of Panel Data

Econometrics for the Practioner

Economic Indicators

Economic Literacy

Economic Management Analysis



Educational Law

Effective & Accurate Budgeting

Effective Christian Education and Leadership

Effective Debt Collection

Effective Negotiation Skills

Effective People Management

Effective Stakeholder Management

Effective Strategic Thinking

Effective Team Development

Effective Time Management

Electrical Engineering


Electronic Design Automation Software

Electronic Engineering

Emergency Nursing

Emergency Planning

Emotional Intelligence

Employee Health Benefits

Engineering & Technology Management

Engineering Management

English Communication Skills

English for Business

Enterprise Risk Management


Entrepreneurship & Small-Business Management

Environmental Inspection

Environmental Law

Environmental Education

Environmental Management

Environmental Science

Essential Leadership Skills

Essential Management Skills

Estate Planning, Trusts & Taxation

Ethics & Professionalism

Evacuation Warden

Events Coordination

Events Management

Evidence Collection Facilitator (ECF)

Excelerated NLP Practioner Certification

Excel for Financial Managers

Excel for Public Sector Financial Managers

Exceptional Customer Service

Executive Public Management

Explosives Management

Extractive Metallurgical Engineering



Facilatator Skills

Faithful Witnesses

Family Law

Farm Management

Field Guiding Game Ranging

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Budgets

Finance for Non-Financial Executives

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Finance Fundamentals for Senior Managers

Finance, Accounts & Budgets for Secretaries & PA’s

Financial and Business Skills for Sales Managers

Financial Data Management Using Excel

Financial Management

Financial Management for Non-financial Managers

Financial Management Skills for Managers & Directors

Financial Planning

Financial Products

Financial Reporting in the Property Industry

Fire Fighting

First Aid Level 1 - 3

First Line Managers

Fitness & Nutrition

Flower Remedies

Fluid Flow Catalytic Reactors

Food & Agriculture

Food & Beverage Management

Food Sciences

Forensic Accounting

Forensic Nursing


Foundation Management Programme

Foundation Municipal Management

Foundations of Health Management

Fraud & Risk Management

Fraud Examination

Free Surface Flow Modelling

Fringe Benefits, Retirement Benefits & Employees' Tax

Frontline Staff

Froth Flotation

Fundamental Hydraulics

Fundamentals of Project Management

Fundamentals of Shopping Centre Marketing



Game Lodge Management

Game Ranging & Wildlife Management

Garden Centre Management

Garden Design

Gas Turbine Appreciation

General Business

General Finance & Tax

General Health

General Law

General Management

General Office Administration

Generic Quality Management

Gender as Catalyst for Change

Gender-based Violence: Breaking the Cycle

Gender in Everyday Life

Gender Mainstreaming

Geography & Geo-informatics

Gifted Child Education

Good Clinical Practice

Government Studies

Graphic & Advertising Design

GPRS Introduction

GSM Introduction

GSM Systems Engineering

Guest House Management


Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

Health & Safety

Health & Wellbeing

Health Emergencies

Health Legislation

Health Management

Health Sciences

Health Systems & Public Health

Health Systems Operations


Heartsaver AED

Heartsaver CPR


Hiring & Firing


HIV/AIDS Associated Dementia

HIV/AIDS Counselling & Management

Holistic Dowsing


Hospitality Management

Hotel & Catering Management

Hotel & Hospitality

Hotel Management

Housing Development & Management

How to Conduct Effective Meetings

How to Prepare & Evaluate Advertising that Works

Human Ecology

Human Resource Management





Implementing Effective Workplace Discipline

Incident Investigation

Income Tax Returns

Indian Face Massage

Indian Head Massage

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Industrial Psychology

Industrial Relations

Industrial Waste Management

Information & Knowledge Management

Information Security Management

Information Technology Management

Innovative Thinking and Solution Finding

Insolvency Law

Insulin Pump Therapy

Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence Management

Interim Ministry

Interior Decorating

Internal Auditing

International Classification of Diseases

International Insolvency Law

International Law

International Trade

Internet for Beginners

Internet Research

Interviewing & Selection Techniques for Managers

Introduction to Business Studies

Introduction to Negotiation & Persuasion

Introduction to Project Management


Investment Management & Personal Financial Planning


Irrigation Management

IT Management

IT Training

ITIL Foundation Course in IT Service Management


Journalism & Media Studies



Key Productivity & Stress Management Skills for Secretaries & Pas

Key Skills for Effective Managers

Key Skills for Professional Secretaries and PA's


Knowledge Management



Labour Dispute Resolution

Labour Law

Labour Law Updates, Guidelines & Pitfalls

Labour Relations

Labour Relations Management


Languages – Afrikaans

Languages – English

Languages – French

Languages – IsiNdebele

Languages – IsiXhosa

Languages – IsiZulu

Languages - Northern Sotho

Languages – Portuguese

Languages – Sesotho

Languages – Setswana

Languages – SiSwati

Languages – Swazi

Languages – Tshivenda

Languages – Venda

Languages – Xitsonga


Leadership Development

Leadership, Management & Governance

Legal Aspects in Nursing

Legal Aspects of Bank Credit

Legal Studies

Legislative Drafting

Life Coaching

Life Skills in the Workplace

Lifting Machine Operator

Local Government

Local Government Finance

Locomotive Systems, Performance & Maintenance



Machine Design

Maintenance Management



Management & Leadership Development

Management Accounting

Management Accounting – ICB

Management Education

Management Principles for Bankers

Management Studies

Managing a Project

Managing Diversity

Managing Performance, Discipline & Dismissal

Managing Projects with MS Project

Managing Stress & Conflict & Enhancing Performance

Managing with Intent


Marketing & Communication

Marketing Management

Master Class in Finance

Master Class in Microfinance

Master Direct Selling

Master ETD Facilitation

Master Quality Management Systems for Education & Training

Mastering Excel for Secretaries & Pas

Masters Outcomes-based Assessment

Mathematics Teaching

Maths Motivational Workshop

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Metallurgy

Mechanical Vibration

Mechanistic Pavement Design

Media Studies

Medical & Dental Reception

Medical Practice Assistant

Medicine Management for Nurses

Membrane Processes

Mentor Learners

Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring, Guidance & Support for Teachers & Trainers

Mentor Skills

Mergers & Acquisitions

Meridian Psychotherapy



Microfinance Managers

Microsoft Access Basic/Intermediate

Microsoft Excel (basic, intermediate & advanced)

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Outlook Basic/Intermediate

Microsoft PowerPoint Basic/Intermediate

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project Basic/Intermediate

Microsoft Visio Basic/Intermediate

Microsoft Word & Outlook

Microsoft Word Basic/Intermediate & Advanced

Milk Goat Management

Mine Fluid Flow (Air & Water)

Mine Ventilation Planning



Modelling School


Moderator Skills

Moderator Training in Health

Monitoring & Evaluation of Health Programmes

Monitoring & Evaluation of HIVE & AIDS

Motivational Management

Mourning, depression, anger, anxiety & happiness

MS Access

MS Project for Project Administrators & Secretaries

Multisectoral Course in HIV & AIDS Care, Treatment and Antiretroviral Medicine

Municipal Accounting

Municipal Management


National Credit Act - Practical Implications

Natural Sciences

Nature Training

Negotiating & Deal Making Strategies

Negotiating with Success

Negotiation Skills

Neonatal Nursing

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Non-motorised transport




Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Hygiene

Office Administration

Oncology Nursing

One to One Training Skills

Operating Theatre Nursing

Operation of Water Treatment Plants

Operational Analysis for Investigators

Operational Management for HIV/AIDS Coordinators

Operational Management for HIV/AIDS Coordinators

Operations Management

Operations Management & Strategy

Organisational Development

Organisational Effectiveness

Organisational Psychology


Paediatric Nursing

Paralegal Studies

Particla & Powder Technology

Past Life Therapy


Pastoral Care

Pastoral Counselling

Patient Safety

Pavement Materials & Design

Pavement Structural Analysis

Payroll & Monthly SARS Returns

Peer Educator Training

People Management Skills for New Managers

Performance Management

Personal Branding

Personal Financial Management

Personal Financial Management for Non-financial Managers

Pharmacy Retail Assistant



Pipeline Design

Play Therapy


Policy Analysis

Policy Development & Implementation

Policy Implementation

Policy Management

Policy Monitoring

Policy Review

Positive Strategies for Dealing with Prickly Personalities & Poor Performance

Power Distribution Engineering

Powerful Negotiation Tactics & Techniques

Practical Confidence & Assertiveness

Practical Contract & Business Law for all Managers

Practical Credit Assessment & Credit Management

Practical Influencing Techniques for Women in Business

Practical Project Management

Practical Stress Management

Practical Time Management for Secretaries & PA's

Practical Wiring

Practioner Coaching


Presentation of Business Proposals

Presentation Skills

Presenting with Confidence

Prevention of Corruption

Primary Eye Care

Principles of Income Tax for Corporates (SARS)

Principles of Public Economics

Principles of the Economics of Social Protection

Private Investigator

Private Sector Health Care Financing

Pro-Active Solving & Decision Making

Problem Solving

Process Engineering in the Fast Lane

Procurement & Materials Management

Professional Business Communication Skills

Professional Business Writing

Professional Development for Secretaries & PA's

Professional Event Management

Professional Office Management

Professional Purchasing & Procurement Skills & Practices

Professional Relaxation Therapy

Professional Selling Skills

Project Management

Project Management for the Health Sector

Project Management Software

Property & Construction

Property Administration

Property Finance

Psychology Theory

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Public Administration

Public Financial Management

Public Health Legislation

Public Management

Public Relations Management

Public Sector

Public Sector Diversity Management

Pumping Station Design

Purchasing Management




Quality Assurance

Quality Awareness

Quality Management

Quantitive Management




Radio Broadcasting

Radio Journalism

Radiographic Techniques & Film Critique


Railway Engineering

Railway Infrastructure Maintenance Management

Real Estate

Reception Year Teaching


Refractory Materials


Report Writing

Research Methods Workshop

Research Skills

Restaurant Management

Retail Management

Risk Assessment

Risk Management

Rock Mechanics

Running Effective & Productive Meetings


Safety Management

Sales & Negotiations

Sales Management

Sales Marketing Management

School Law for Educators

School Management

Science & Technology Management

Scientific Writing

Secretarial - Professional Etiquette & Corporate Image

Secretarial Training

Sectional Title Management


Security Guard

Security Management

Security Risk Management

Security, Investigations & Protection

Seed Science

Service Management

Sexual Harassment


SHE Implementation

SHE Induction for Construction

SHE Representative

Shelter Camp Management


Shopping Centre Leadership

Shopping Centre Management

Small Business Management

Social Intelligence for Personal & Care Success

Social Science and Ethics

Social Work

Socio-Economic Rights

Software Training/Computer Related


Speed Typing

Sport & Social Responsibility

Sport and Education

Sport and Recreation

Sport Business Management

Sport Coach Development

Sport Code Science

Sport Event Management

Sport Law

Sport Management

Sport Psychology

Sport Studies

Sport Studies

Sports Club Development

Sports Facility Management

Sports Fitness

Sports Management

Sports Nutrition

Sports Organisation Development

Sports Project Management

Sports Science

Sports Turfgrass Management

SQL & Information Systems Security

SQL Database Administration

Stewardship and Church Financial Planning


Stores & Stock Control

Strategic Black Economic Empowerment

Strategic Intelligence Analysis

Strategic Planning & Management

Strategic Supply Management

Strategic Management

Stress & Burnout

Stress Management

Student Development

Submitting Winning Tenders

Supervisory Management

Supply Chain Management

Surfactant Technology

Sustainable Engineering

Systems Engineering


Tax Update


Taxation of Trusts

Teacher Training

Team Development

Technology Management

Telephone Etiquette & Frontline Reception

Telephone Techniques


The 5 Day Executive MBA

The Accounts Assistant

The Art of Negotiation

The Commercial Aspects of Sport

The Complete Guide to Meetings & Minute Taking

The Customer Protection Bill

The Effective Executive Secretary/PA

The e-Generation Secretary

The Modern Supervisor

The Orientation to Management Program

The Power of Purposeful Women Leadership

The Professional Office Administrator

The Professional Receptionist

The Secret of Success for Secretaries and PA's

The Secrets to Presenting with Impact

The Sports Environment


Thermal Engineering

Time Management

Time Management for Office Professionals

Time, Priority & Productivity Management for Secretaries, PA’s & Administrators


Tourism Management

Tourism Marketing

Town & Regional Planning

Track Geotechnology

Trade Remedies

Traffic Engineering

Trail Guiding

Train the Trainer Programme

Training Practices for Educators & Trainers

Transient Flow in Pipe Networks

Transportation Engineering

Trauma Counselling

Trauma Debriefing

Travel & Tourism

Trust Law

Turf Pest Control



Understanding the CCMA, Disciplinary, Hearings, Warnings, Sanctions & Dismissals

Union Rights and Negotiation

Urban Ministry


VAF Skills

Value Chain Analysis

Value Creation Through Effective Human Resource Management

Veterinary Business Management

Veterinary Science

Veterinary Surgery Assistant

Viral Vectors

Vista Operating System

Visual Arts



Warehousing Management

Waste Management

Water Quality Management

Water Quality Management & Effluent Treatment

Website Design

Website Development

Welding – Corrosion

Welding - Non Destructive Testing

Welding - OHS Act (Competent Persons)

Welding Metallurgy

Welding Technology

Wellness in the Workplace


Wildlife DNA Forensics

Wildlife Immobilisation

Wildlife Management

Wills & Administration of Deceased Estates

Windows Operating System

Windows Vista

Windows XP

Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless Telephony

Women Entrepreneurship

Working with Finance, Accounts & Budgets for Non-Financial Managers

Workplace Employment Relations

Workplace Ethics

Workplace Harassment

Workplace Labour Relations Skills Development

Writing Effective Minutes

Writing Effective Reports

Writing Financial Reports

Writing Professional Business Documents for Secretaries & PA's


Yoga Beginners

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for or if you need help finding it,
you can submit a request for a training course or service)